“Rev. Aleck Thompson is almost a full blood Creek who speaks very little English.  He was a former pupil of Augusta Robertson Moore.  He has himself made a reference work of his Creek Lev., Psalms + Genesis by copying upon the margins the references from his English Bible to the part of the scripture contained in the Creek translation–a tremendous undertaking it seems to me for an Indian so little educated.  The notes on the back of his letter from Tiger are [?] Mr. [?] Thompson’s own [?] work.
Johnson Tiger is one of the best educated of the present generation.  He has been preaching in his native tongue entirely until recently[,] being called on to speak in English in the absence of the regular preacher, he spoke so acceptably that his hearers have persuaded him to continue his English preaching.”*

*Augusta Robertson Moore.  Smithsonian Institution National Anthropological Archives.  BAE Incoming Correspondence, 1888-1906.  Moore, Augusta Robertson letter (three specimens of Indian correspondence).