Ella Colman

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Hokvs ce! Hvtvm
All right, again

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este hvnke etem punahoyvhaneyat, Ella Colman hocefkvt os.
one person that we are going to talk to is Ella Colman.

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Momen yv nettv estofisen pohhvyatkat monkat nettv hvnken hēcen owat vrakkuecet
And today, when we see another day we should always appreciate and respect the day that

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vrakkuecet nettv hę̄ret os kont pohmērret ǫhoyekv kowet vretvt owēt ok. Mowen punpvlhoyen hvtvm
we are blessed with, and notice how good it is. Again,

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punvkv owat cvwepicet tem punahoyvhant owēs.
we are going to talk and record in our language.

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Mucvnettv hiyowat mv Ella opunvyēcvhanat hoporrenkv ocēt
Now, today Ella is going to talk about having sense,

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ēlvpotēcet onkat apohice vretv owat. Ohfvccv
having good behavior, and listening.

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pum vsēhǫyvtē onkat pum onayet
It’s about the discipline that we were given, and what we were told,

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este hę̄ret owvkvrēs pukowet.
hoping that we would turn out to be well-rounded people.

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Este catet owakeyat pum onahǫyvtē mv ohfvccv mvn opunvyēcvhant os.
She’s going to talk about the things we were told, as native people.

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Mvto, mvto, mowen yv punvyvhanvyat yv mvnettvlke mvn vrahkvn
Thank you, thank you. The things I’m going to talk about are regarding young people.

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mvn nak onvyvhant owis. Hvtą yv mv mvnettvlke mv ’puetakuce hiyowat ocakat tis. Mowen nak hoporrenkv mvn
That’s what I’m going to talk about. Now, the young people have children. The sensible things

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mowe mvhayvket ayat mvn oh fvccv cvcutkusof mowen nak vmonayhoyvte mvn
that they can be taught, are the things that I was told when I was young.

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mowen punayetv cvyact mvn art owis. Here-mahes mvt heren
That’s what I wanted to come talk about. That’s really good,

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onvyetskvrēs stǫwesekon. Mvto, mowen cvcutkusof mowen
you’ll tell us just fine! Thank you. When I was young,

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this is what I was told.

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’cenokecvyēt owen owat mowen hiyowet cemak- mak- rak- mv nakete?
“Because I love you, that is why I spank you.”

00:01:39,251 –> 00:01:45,934
cemvrahke. Cemvrahke, cemvrahke? Spank. O, cem aktēpket? Cem aktepkē kowet.
Spank your behind. Spank. Yes, spank. “I will spank you.”

00:01:45,934 –> 00:01:52,610
Mowis, mowen nak cvkihocat tis, you know, mapohicvhantskat tvlkēs mvn cvkihocēt owemvts.
“When I talk to you and tell you things, you should listen,” that’s what I was told.

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Mowen nak vm vhahoyat mowen nak hę̄ren
And the things that were taught to me, were for me to

00:01:55,907 –> 00:01:59,366
vrvhantskat tvlke mvn ceculen owat nak
learn and know these things as I grew older.

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mont omen cem onayet owis hiyowen lvputken vyvhanccat.
That’s why I tell you these things now. So that as you grow, you’ll go down the right path.

00:02:06,041 –> 00:02:10,158
Mowen hopuetake mowis estowēt vpokaken owat
Children learn according to the way they’re raised.

00:02:10,158 –> 00:02:13,593
mowen nak kerraket ont os mvn mahoket owemvts.
I was told that’s how they learn about things.

00:02:13,593 –> 00:02:21,062
Mowen cuko tu- cuko- encuko vtēhkv mowen este lupicvkēt vpokaken.
There are families that live together, and they grow up to be nice kids.

00:02:21,062 –> 00:02:25,018
Mowen ’tenokecaket mowen ’tem vnicaket vpokaken owat.
They love one another and they help one another.

00:02:25,018 –> 00:02:33,039
Mowen mvn puetake mvo este ’mvnicet este vrakkuecet vrvhēs mowen fullvkvhēs mvn mowen mahoket owemvt ok.
They told us as children that we need to help and respect one another as we live amongst each other, and wherever we go.

00:02:33,039 –> 00:02:40,605
Ont on mowen nak vm onahoyvtē mvn cem onvyakvhant owi- cem onvyakvhant owis hiyowat.
So the things that were always told to me, are the things that I am telling you now.

00:02:40,605 –> 00:02:45,935
Mvn Hesaketvmesē mvn kerrvhanccat tvlkēs. Mowen
You should know God.

00:02:45,935 –> 00:02:47,920
mahoket owemvts.
That’s what I was told.

00:02:47,920 –> 00:02:56,242
Hvtą Ohfvnkv tis mv mahoken mvn Cokv Rakko kihocet owes. Mowen mvn
They also refer to God as the Creator in the Bible.

00:02:56,242 –> 00:03:05,197
Hesaketvmesē hvtą Cēsvs pucase tis mvo kerrvhanccat tvlkēs. Hvtą Cokv Rakko tis mowen
And to God, and to Jesus our Lord, as you should know.

00:03:05,197 –> 00:03:08,709
hoccihocvtē stowen fullvhanvkat tis
It’s written in the Bible how we should live,

00:03:08,709 –> 00:03:15,605
mowen iten mvn hvtą mvn kerrvhanccat tvlkēs. Mont on mēkusvpkv-cuko secēyet, hvtą
and you should also know the way to go. You could go to church,

00:03:15,605 –> 00:03:17,949
’shvyvtketv tis mvo aret ’stvmin
and you could go to the ceremonial grounds.

00:03:17,949 –> 00:03:26,594
hofvnvtē mvo fullakvtē mvn kerrvhanccat tvlkēs. Mont on “Mowe hokkolen mvn secepēyēt os,”cvkihocet owemvts.
You should the know the way our people used to live. For that reason, I was told “We take you to both.”

00:03:26,594 –> 00:03:34,858
Yv mowe mv apohicēt owekon owat mvn cem akrokafar[es] pukihocet owemvt ont on mvn
When we didn’t listen like we were supposed to, they would tell us that they were going to spank us.

00:03:34,858 –> 00:03:36,872
makvhant ohwes.
That’s what she’s going to tell us about.

00:03:36,872 –> 00:03:44,330
Cutkusof ’makrokafhoyet owvten oka?” kowvyis. Yeah. Mowvtēken ’cvnokecēt
I was thinking that she must have got spankings when she was younger. Yeah, if they love me that much,

00:03:44,330 –> 00:03:53,704
mvn fulhoyat mvn monkatē kowit owemvts cem akrokafhoyen.
I wished that they wouldn’t have spanked me.

00:03:53,704 –> 00:03:59,510
Hokvs ce hvtvm hiyowat mv punfulletv
And now she’s going to talk to us about our ways,

00:03:59,510 –> 00:04:03,983
nak ēkērret monkat
what we should know,

00:04:03,983 –> 00:04:11,043
fekhonnet pukihocvtē. Ēkērret fekhonnetv owēt onkat ēlvpotēcet.
and how they used to tell us to behave. Know yourself and behave.

00:04:11,043 –> 00:04:15,755
Aselaksēket onkot onkat atak-arē onkot pukicet ǫhoyemvt ok.
Don’t be screaming or running around is what they always told us.

00:04:15,755 –> 00:04:23,096
Ēvrakkuecet pukihocen nak mowvke pum vsēhoyet pum vnahǫyvtē hvtą ’sepohyekcicet. Este
They used to tell us to respect yourself and they told us things to guide and encourage us.

00:04:23,096 –> 00:04:27,289
vnpuetaket owaket owis onkv pukowet puckvlke, purke owakat,
We were their children. And our mothers, fathers, grandmothers,

00:04:27,289 –> 00:04:31,328
pupuse tis pupuca owakat mvo avnicaken.
grandfathers, etc., would help with the guidance and encouragement.

00:04:31,335 –> 00:04:36,644
Hvtą mamuce kicakhoyat mvo iepukvtēcvkēt owēpen.
Our aunts also keep an eye on us.

00:04:36,644 –> 00:04:39,976
Este herąke owēt owakvrē tis os pukowet,
They had hope that we would turn out to be good people.

00:04:39,976 –> 00:04:43,697
iepuculakvtēt ont on vneu cvmēhocet owemvt ok
We became adults, and I was treated that way too.

00:04:43,697 –> 00:04:52,468
Este hę̄re ont on kont avcvculvtēt os kowit mv vm vsēhǫyvtē svcafvckēt os. Onkv mowe nak ohfvccv
As I see myself as an adult, the discipline that I recieved, I am happy that I did have that.

00:04:52,468 –> 00:04:55,773
pum onahoyvtē mvn hvtvm pum onvyvhant os.
Again, she is going to tell us about the things that they told us.

00:04:55,773 –> 00:05:01,881
Cvcutkusof mvo mēkusvpkv-cuko vpēyvhaneyat cvpuse tatē
When I was young, when we were going to church, my grandma

00:05:01,881 –> 00:05:07,495
hiyowen mvn sten ’mapohicet mvn fekhonnet likvhancces.
used to tell me that you have to listen and sit still.

00:05:07,495 –> 00:05:11,751
Mēkusvpkv-cuko ’cēyeccen owat vfvnnake onkot.
When you go into the church, don’t be looking around.

00:05:11,751 –> 00:05:14,728
Nak erkenvkv nak makat mvn pohet,
You should be listening to the preacher and the message that he brings.

00:05:14,728 –> 00:05:20,687
mvn lvputket mvn vhēcet mvn liket. Cele tis nekeyicē onkot.
Just sit and look straight ahead and don’t be fidgeting in your seat.

00:05:20,687 –> 00:05:28,718
Hvtą hvwakle tis like onkot mvn pokihocet owemvts.
Don’t have your mouth open. That’s what they used to tell me.

00:05:29,664 –> 00:05:30,080

00:05:31,966 –> 00:05:35,349
’puetakuce stowusat takfullaket on mvn hēcvyat.
I see children running around the church.

00:05:35,349 –> 00:05:39,818
Mvn mowen vntat mowen cvcutkusof vntat ’puetakuce stowusat takfullaket on mvn hēcvyat. Mvn mowen vntat mowen cvcutkusof vntat
But when I was little, I see children running around the church. But when I was little,

00:05:39,967 –> 00:05:42,904
mowvko tayemvts kowet vkerricit owes.
I wasn’t allowed to do that. That’s what I think about.

00:05:42,904 –> 00:05:51,221
Hvtą mowen este omv̨lkvn vrakkuecet vrvhanccet ont os, mahoket owemvts.
They used to tell me to respect all people.

00:05:51,221 –> 00:05:59,162
Vculakat tis mvn cutkusat mvn mvnettakusat mvn omv̨lkvn esten
The elders, the little ones, and the younger ones,

00:05:59,162 –> 00:06:01,566
vrakkuecet vrvhanccet ont os.
give all people respect.

00:06:01,566 –> 00:06:03,171
That’s what they said.

00:06:03,171 –> 00:06:09,649
Mowen hvtą, este estowusat mvn enyvkvpkv tis enhereko tis hvtą turwv tis ’mestowe tis
If there are people that have a difficulty walking, or something is wrong with their eyes,

00:06:09,649 –> 00:06:13,943
mvn hēceccen owat, vpelicē onkon. ’Stvhayekot mowet
if you see them, don’t laugh. You shouldn’t mock them.

00:06:13,943 –> 00:06:17,273
vrvhanccet ont os mahoket owes.
That’s what they said.

00:06:17,273 –> 00:06:26,178
’Stvhayaken owat mowe tis ’stehake tayet os mvn mahoken mowis mowēt mahoket owemvt ok ’ste penkvlēt hoyvhanat mowen hoporrēnvhanvkat.
If you mock people, you’ll end up like them later in life. They told us that so we’d be afraid and have good sense.

00:06:26,178 –> 00:06:31,205
Mowis tayusen este
That’s exactly how people are.

00:06:31,205 –> 00:06:38,854
Cvpuse hvtą cvcke mowen nak vm onayvtē vcafvckēt os, mowe vfvnnake hēcvyat.
That’s what my grandmother and my mother told me, I’m happy that they did. As I look around, I see that.

00:06:38,854 –> 00:06:46,538
’Puetakuce este tis ēten vpelicaket em mellaket mvn, mvn fullakat hēcvyat
People make fun of children and point and laugh at them, I see that,

00:06:46,538 –> 00:06:56,050
herekot os kowit os. Mv eckvlket mvt em vsehvkvhanvtē mvo hvtą ’monvyvkephoyekis owv? kont kerrēs kont.
and I don’t think that’s good. The parents are supposed to discipline them, but they must have not been taught those things. That’s what I think.

00:06:56,050 –> 00:07:04,142
Stentat ’tem vsehǫyemvtat kowet mvt hvtą — nake te? — mv enhvlvtetv kihocvnt o.
They used to get after us and tell us to control ourselves.

00:07:04,142 –> 00:07:12,374
Enfayatet eckvlket on erkvlke owakat mvt owvkvhanete kerrvkēt owvka? kowvken mvn mowvket ’puetake
The mothers and fathers are supposed to give them guidance, but I guess they don’t know, and their children

00:07:12,374 –> 00:07:16,293
fullēpen hēcvkēt ont on oketskes. Owisen
go about like you said. But then

00:07:16,293 –> 00:07:20,414
mvn hiyowen ’monvyaken owat kerraket owvhanis owes.
if we tell them these things like we are now, then hopefully they will learn.

00:07:20,414 –> 00:07:27,976
Tąyusen okecces cem estvlke hvtą vculakat mvn ’stem apohicet.
You are so right! You should listen to your family and the elders.

00:07:27,976 –> 00:07:33,086
Nak cekihocen owat potoket mvn ’stem apohicet “Hvo!” maket
If they tell you things, you should put your head down and listen to them and say “Okay!”

00:07:33,086 –> 00:07:37,891
mv respoyaken owat mowet huervhanet oncces mahoket owemvts. Nak
When they’re done telling you those things, that’s the way you have to be. That’s what they said.

00:07:37,891 –> 00:07:40,041
makakat mv respohye tan
When they finish telling you those things, then

00:07:40,041 –> 00:07:49,401
nak ’stem vpohetvt ont os. Punvyakof nak svpoheyvnkot ’ste kihocet owemvts. Hvtą
you should ask them questions. Don’t be asking questions while they’re still talking. That’s what they used to tell us.

00:07:49,401 –> 00:07:54,382
ahomece owēt acvpakke owēt nak maktvt is
And don’t be looking angry or mad at them when they’re telling you something.

00:07:54,382 –> 00:08:03,343
vkerricesekot mowet ē, ē lopicēt em apohicusēt kont cen hervhanat mvn mowe cekihocet os.
Don’t think about being upset, just be nice and listen. It’s going to be good for you when they tell you those things.

00:08:03,343 –> 00:08:07,242
Mvn cvpuse mvn cvkicet owemvts.
That’s what my grandmother used to tell me.

00:08:07,242 –> 00:08:14,155
Cepvwv tis nak cekicen owat mapohicet “Hvo!” maket huervhanetsket os cvkihocet owemvts.
Whatever your uncle tells you, you should listen to him also and say “Okay!” That’s what I was told.

00:08:14,155 –> 00:08:21,549
Hvtą ēyasken, ēyasket owvhanetskes mahoken ēkvsvmekot ēyaskusēt este
Be humble and kind, and have manners. Don’t be conceited.

00:08:21,549 –> 00:08:27,924
mowet vrvhanetsket ont os, cem vretv. Hvtą lopicusēt, you know, este omvlken mvn lopickv mvn ēmet,
That’s how your behavior should be. Be nice to everybody.

00:08:27,924 –> 00:08:36,639
mowetv vrvhanetsket ont os. Mvn mahoket owemvts hvtą emerketv tis mowe este emerketvn mvn
That’s how you should be. That’s what they used to say. Give forgiveness to those that deserve it and

00:08:36,639 –> 00:08:40,934
ohhvpa- mvn- ēmetsken. Hvtą mowen
allow added forgiveness.

00:08:40,934 –> 00:08:46,185
mowen hvtą enrvpekot mowen nak cekihocen owe stowis
Don’t be against anybody. Even when they say things to you,

00:08:46,185 –> 00:08:54,180
ent owes centat mowekon vkerricetskekot onkv, cvpuse cvkicet owemvts.
it’s them saying it to you, and not you. Don’t think about it, that’s what my grandma used to tell me.

00:08:54,180 –> 00:08:56,723
Mowen “Vsi este
“That person over there

00:08:56,723 –> 00:09:06,655
nak cekihocen mvn cem onahoyvnkat nak ston em punayet owetska?” kicet em pohin. Vntat mowen vkerricvkot os. Vntat vnrvpekot.
that was saying things about you, why are you still talking to them?” I asked. As for myself, I don’t even think about it. I’m not against them.

00:09:06,655 –> 00:09:08,214
Ent owes.
It’s up to him/her.

00:09:08,214 –> 00:09:17,671
Este omv̨lken em punayet, you know, vcafvckēt os. Mak mowe vretvt ont os. You know, este afackusēt mowet vretvt ont os. You know, ecvpakkuece onkot.
I talk to all people, and I’m happy. That’s how you have to be. People would say that you are a happy person, and that’s the kind of person you are. Don’t be hateful.

00:09:17,671 –> 00:09:25,780
Mahoket owemvts. Hvtą nak stemhoyen owat tis, hvtą nak stem mēhocen owat, “Mvto” maket vretvt ont os mahoken.
That’s what they used to say. And when they would give you something and make that gesture, you say “Thank you.” That’s how you should be. That’s what they would say.

00:09:25,780 –> 00:09:32,513
Nak stǫwusis stem mēhocat, “Mvto” maket ē vretvt ont os maken.
When they do a small gesture, you tell them “Thank you.” That’s how you should be.

00:09:32,513 –> 00:09:40,693
Mahoket owemvts. Hvtą fvccvt, fvccetv mowen ocet mvn vretvn ont os mahoken. Mowet
That’s what they used to say. Be trusting and honest. That’s how you should be. That’s what they used to say.

00:09:40,693 –> 00:09:42,007

00:09:42,007 –> 00:09:45,599
stenlaksekot hvtą stenhor–
Don’t lie about things or steal–

00:09:45,599 –> 00:09:50,757
horkopekot?– Mhm, yeah nak horkopekot nak
don’t steal? Yeah, don’t steal things.

00:09:50,757 –> 00:09:53,234
omvlken este nak ocakat
Don’t steal. Don’t be looking at all the things

00:09:53,234 –> 00:09:57,464
hiyowen hoyope onkot, hvtą celayē onkot.
that people have and don’t be touching their things.

00:09:57,464 –> 00:10:06,489
Nak stencelayekot mvn stencuko ayeccen owat, you know, ē likvhant oncces. Hvtą cukofv ētvn cēye onkot hvtą vfvnnakē onkot
When you go into someone’s house, don’t be touching their things, just sit there and don’t be going into other rooms looking around.

00:10:06,489 –> 00:10:10,662
mv stekihocet owemvts. Hvtą mowen
That’s what they used to tell us.

00:10:10,662 –> 00:10:13,702
momis komet kont.
And strive to do it.

00:10:13,702 –> 00:10:18,841
Hiyowat mvnettvlke nak yacaken owat ē hiyowen
Nowadays, when the young people want something, they want it right then.

00:10:18,841 –> 00:10:21,217
mvt nak ē,
The things

00:10:21,217 –> 00:10:29,283
ē hiyowat cvyacet os makaken. Nak ehvlvpken- elvpken- yeah, elvpken, hiyowen ē vpokvkēt ont on, mowis
they want, they say they want it right then. They ask to get something really quickly, and that’s just how they ask now.

00:10:29,283 –> 00:10:33,954
momis komet vretvt ont os. Mowen ’mehakeccen owat, hvtą
But you should persevere. If you wait for things,

00:10:33,954 –> 00:10:42,021
vpohecce tayes or cemhoye tis or cohhoyvnvhēs stekihocet owemvts. Hvtvm
you could buy it, they will give it to you, or the wanting will pass. That’s what they used to tell me.

00:10:42,021 –> 00:10:50,997
stencukopericaken owat, este ētv tis or cepuse tis encukopericeccen owat, mowes stem vnicet owvhancces.
When they visit you at your house, or if you visit other people or your grandmother, you should help them with things.

00:10:50,997 –> 00:10:58,898
You know, likē onkot cukopericet owēt. “Naken oceccen owa? Naken ’scem vnicvyēt tayv?”
Or just visit with them. “What are you doing? Can I help you with anything?”

00:10:58,898 –> 00:11:03,084
Maket vretvt ont os.
That’s what you should say.

00:11:03,084 –> 00:11:08,636
Cuko rakko tis roretskat mowen stem pohet vretvt ont os. Mvn vnickv kont.
When you go to the ceremonial grounds, ask if they need help. That’s where you should want to help.

00:11:08,636 –> 00:11:17,477
Mowen vyetskvhēs cvkihocet owemvts. Mhm, vtotketv yekcēn mvo svpaklet onkv, estem vnicaken owat mvn
That’s how you should go about, that’s what they used to tell me. They have hard work to do there, and when you help them,

00:11:17,477 –> 00:11:20,451
istenhonnice mahekot, istenkvwapet
don’t make it heavy on them, but you lift it for them,

00:11:20,451 –> 00:11:21,601
owakkv mvn

00:11:21,601 –> 00:11:27,991
’safvckvkēt owemvts. Mv mowe pum vsēhǫyen ’puculakvtēt owēs.
it makes them happy. That’s how they told us we should be as we grew older.

00:11:27,991 –> 00:11:33,532
Mowen este hēcetskat
When you lift up the people you see,

00:11:33,532 –> 00:11:39,390
akvwapetsken nak mēcetskat mvn hę̄ret os maket-
it’s good, they say,

00:11:39,390 –> 00:11:49,226
en- tahoknet?- mhm, entahoknicet.
lighten it for them.

00:11:49,226 –> 00:11:54,084
Ē fek- nakete-
What is it?

00:11:54,084 –> 00:11:59,719
ēlesketv tis ocekot hvtą fekcakhekot mvn mahoket owemvts.
Don’t pout, don’t act jealous, they used to tell.

00:11:59,719 –> 00:12:06,345
Cēme mit ennokiceccvhēs mowen areccen owat mahoken. Nak tat mvn en
You are hurting yourself if you go about doing that, they used to say. And other things.

00:12:06,345 –> 00:12:07,526

00:12:07,526 –> 00:12:09,760
mv este hecetsken mvn
If you see someone

00:12:09,760 –> 00:12:17,956
pokko tis akkopvnkv tis ’mvnvckēt on owat. You know, vkvtēcet, you know, stowet hiyowen ēccet ont owa? kont vkvtēcet mvn hvtą
that is good at playing ball, you should watch him and watch the way he plays and think about how he is doing things. Watch and learn

00:12:17,956 –> 00:12:20,584
mvn svhaye owēt aretskvtē. Mowen
from the things he does. That’s how you should be.

00:12:20,584 –> 00:12:28,845
enhomece onkot, you know, enfekcakke onkot mahoken. Hvtą vnrvpe owēt vnrvpvke owē haken.
Don’t be giving him mean looks. Don’t be jealous. They told me that. Don’t be against anyone, because that’s how enemies are made.

00:12:28,845 –> 00:12:34,267
Hvtvm mvhakv-cuko mv respoyet hvtą roh-vpayet.
Finish school and go further.

00:12:34,267 –> 00:12:43,882
Ayetsken mowen vtotketv hę̄ren mvn cenhēcket ayet ont os. Mont on wikekot mowen yekcēt owes estowisen.
When you go, you could find a good job and continue on. Don’t quit. It’s hard to do that.

00:12:43,882 –> 00:12:49,878
Cokvn vketēcet mvn vrvhanetsket ont os. Mvn cvkihocet owemvts.
You should study. That’s what they used to tell me.

00:12:49,878 –> 00:12:58,713
Hiyowat mv mvhakv-cuko cokv heckv ayetv owat ohfvccv hvtą ē-vnicet
And now, when you go to school, help yourself.

00:12:58,713 –> 00:13:02,961
Nake tis cuko tis heckuecet onkat
And when you do, get a home,

00:13:02,961 –> 00:13:12,785
empvlse tis etepvkaket ’puetake vfvstvkvhanat vrahkv mvo cemowvhanat ocēt owēt ok. Ēkērret
or find a mate and get married. You should take care of your children, someday this will happen to you.

00:13:12,785 –> 00:13:20,801
yv emettaket onkvt mowis kowet hueret owvccvs pukihocvtē mv ohfvccv mv hvtą oh-vtvlaken pum onvyvhanet os.
Know yourself, that this is what has happened to you, and that’s how you have to be. Those are the added things that they used to tell us about.

00:13:20,801 –> 00:13:25,645
Cvpuse hvtą cvcke hokkolv mowen
My grandmother and mother both

00:13:25,645 –> 00:13:29,843
ē-vnickvn mvn kērrvhanetskat os mvn stekihocet owemvt ok.
would tell me that you have to help yourself.

00:13:29,843 –> 00:13:36,990
Nak omvlkvn mvn ceyacet on owat mv vtotkvhanetskat tvlkēs mvtēkusen, you know, estit cemvhanekot.
When you want all of the things, you have to continue working. That’s the only thing you have to do, no one else is going to give it to you.

00:13:36,990 –> 00:13:54,182
Mowen vtotket mvn toknawv hayet cēme mit ē-vnicetskvrēs. Cvkihocen. Vtotketskekon owat naken cenhecikekos. Mowen este tat mowe cehēcet hvtą nak emahēs (vmvres) este kowekot mvn este ētv min hecekot.
And you have to work and earn your money. You have to help yourself. That’s what they used to tell me. If you don’t work, you can’t have anything. And when people see you, they’re not going to say that they’ll give you things, or they can’t help anyone else.

00:13:54,182 –> 00:13:57,855
Cēme mit ēhēcet ē-vnicet vrvhanetsket ont on.
You have to look at youself and help yourself as you go about.

00:13:57,855 –> 00:14:02,252
Mvn vtotketv tis mowen cenhēcken owat,
When you find a job,

00:14:02,252 –> 00:14:09,566
mvn mowetv vtotketv cvyacekot mowen mvn hompetv tis mvn hayetv mvn cvyaceks mv make onkot.
don’t be saying that you don’t like that kind of work, don’t be saying that you don’t like that kind of food.

00:14:09,566 –> 00:14:15,717
Stowusis vtotket mvn toknawv hayet mowe eskērret hvtą oh-vpaket. Hvtą
Work awhile and make money, and as you learn more about a job, you can

00:14:15,717 –> 00:14:25,682
vtotketv ētv ’shecetskvrēs. Hvtą mvo mvn kērretsken mowen vyecicvrēs. Mowe stekihocen owemvts. Mowen vtotketv tis wikekot,
make more when you find another job. And when you learn more, you will continue on. That’s what they used to tell me. When you work, don’t quit,

00:14:25,682 –> 00:14:28,578
estowusis mvn cemhoyen owat.
even if you are given very little.

00:14:28,578 –> 00:14:37,812
Mowen vtotketsken owat hę̄ren mvn vtotiket mvn respoyvhanet oncces. Mvn mahoket owemvts.
be a good employee, and finish the job that you are doing. That’s what they used to tell me.

00:14:37,812 –> 00:14:46,517
Owen mv enfekakhoyat, onkat stenfēhoken owat, stenhę̄ret owvnts. Ē-vrakkuecēt mvn vtotkvyiskv kowēt.
And when you get paid, you’ll feel really good about yourself. Respect yourself, and think of the work that you did.

00:14:46,517 –> 00:14:53,430
Orēn vnfēket ǫhoyekv kowet hę̄ren mowet owis kowet arvkēt owvnt ok.
I did the work, and I really got paid. That’s how you think about yourself.

00:14:53,430 –> 00:14:58,330
Mowen mvn stenfēhoken owat omvlkvn mvn toknawv poyekot.
And when you do get paid, don’t spend all of your money.

00:14:58,330 –> 00:15:07,540
Mvn hvtvm estowusat mvn acahwet mvn toknawv acahwet mvn ohwetēnet mvn
Take some of it out and save it. Put it away.

00:15:07,540 –> 00:15:09,781
hvtvm pakse tis
And then tomorrow,

00:15:09,781 –> 00:15:18,723
Mowen atvmo tis cenhopvnkvhanat kērreskot os. Vyakhvmken mowet ok
your car might break down. You never know. All of a sudden,

00:15:18,723 –> 00:15:25,801
mont on toknawv ohwetenket– sē-vkerret?- mhm, svkērret.
things happen like that. Save your money and hold onto it. Save it.

00:15:25,801 –> 00:15:30,549
Mowet vrvhanetsket ont on mahoken hvtą
That’s how you should go about. That’s what they used to tell me.

00:15:30,549 –> 00:15:36,143
hvtą vhuerv hayekot, vhuerv hv̨lwen hayekot.
Don’t make bills, don’t make big bills.

00:15:36,143 –> 00:15:40,946
Vhuerv hayatsken owat cēme tat ohfēkvhanetskat tvlkēs ētv min
When you make big bills, you are the one that has to pay for them. Don’t be

00:15:40,946 –> 00:15:41,980
looking elsewhere.

00:15:41,980 –> 00:15:44,768
Cecke tis or cerke tis
Your mother or your father

00:15:44,768 –> 00:15:52,825
vm ohfēkvhēs kowesekot cēme mit ē-vnicvhvnat owetskes stekihocet owemvts. Hvtą vtotketsken owat,
aren’t going to pay it for you, you’re the one that has to help yourself. That’s what they used to tell me. When you work,

00:15:52,825 –> 00:16:00,381
hvse vkērkv vketēcet roretskat, mv vtotketv roretskat,
watch the time, and get there on time.

00:16:00,381 –> 00:16:07,064
hvse vkērkv vlicēcvhanetskat hvtehake tis rohret.
Get there early before your job starts.

00:16:07,064 –> 00:16:15,128
Vtotketv vlicēcetskat hvtą cekvtēcv mvo vrakkuecet owvhanetskes. Este omvlkvn
And when you start work, your boss is watching you, so respect him/her. When all the other

00:16:15,128 –> 00:16:25,039
icem vnicet vtotkatskat ’tem vnicet vtotkvhanetskat owes. Stepunvyēce onkot hvtą este tis ’stepunvyēcaken owat,
workers help you, you should all help each other. Don’t be talking about other people when other people are talking about somebody,

00:16:25,039 –> 00:16:28,209
don’t include yourself.

00:16:28,209 –> 00:16:29,350

00:16:29,350 –> 00:16:38,128
Ē cent vtotket aret afvckēt este omvlkvn em punayet, mowet vrvhanetkset ont os mahoken. Hvtą
You should work and be happy and go around talking to everyone. That’s what they used to tell me. And

00:16:38,128 –> 00:16:39,559
keep yourself clean.

00:16:39,559 –> 00:16:49,534
Hvtą accvke tis lēskusen owe stowis hvsvtke owat mowen vccvhanetsken. Estelvpikv tis hvsvthicet
Your clothes may not be new, but if they are clean, you should wear them. Keep your shoes clean

00:16:49,534 –> 00:16:59,533
mvo mowēt vrvhanetsket ont os. Mahoket owemvts. Ē-vcayēcetv vrahkvt ont os. Hvtą este ’stowe cem vretvt owat mvo
too. That’s how you should go about, that’s what they used to tell me. You should have respect for yourself. People watch your behavior, so

00:16:59,533 –> 00:17:02,981
hechoyet oweka mvn ē-vrakkueckvt
know to have respect for yourself.

00:17:02,981 –> 00:17:09,889
owet ont os. Mv cēme tat mahusat vnokeckv ēm ocet vretv.
Care for and love yourself. That’s how you should go about.

00:17:09,889 –> 00:17:12,167
Ē-vcayę̄cuset vrepetvt ont os.
Take care of yourself as you continue on.

00:17:12,167 –> 00:17:17,069
Tayusēn oketskes. Hvtą mv vculakat tis
You are so right. Take care of our elders.

00:17:17,069 –> 00:17:23,285
vkvtēcet mvo vfastet vrahanetskat tvlkēs.
That’s the way you have to be.

00:17:23,285 –> 00:17:30,671
Vnickv eyacet este aren owat nak honne tis nak
When you see somebody that needs help, standing trying to lift a heavy load,

00:17:30,671 –> 00:17:35,318
nak kvwvpetv kowet huerof, “Cem vniciha?” Mak.
ask if you can help them.

00:17:35,318 –> 00:17:40,460
Mowen ahyet stem vnicetvt ont os. Vculakat vrakkuecet
That’s how you should help people. Respect the elders.

00:17:40,460 –> 00:17:45,453
vrvhanetsket ont os. Hvtą lopuckusat tis
That’s how you should be. The little ones too,

00:17:45,453 –> 00:17:48,296
cem estvlke tis mowen
your relatives,

00:17:48,296 –> 00:17:56,179
cecerwv tis vkvtēcvhanetskat tvlkēs. Arat mvhakv cuko tis mvn
maybe your brother, you have to look after them. Even if they are at school,

00:17:56,179 –> 00:18:01,071
mamuce owēt cehakēt onkv, vkvtēcet,
you are like an aunt now, so watch out for them,

00:18:01,071 –> 00:18:08,292
nak ’monayet cēmeu nak ’monayet nak tayekon aren owat cēmeu ’monayet vrvhanetsket ont os.
give them advice, tell them about the the things they aren’t doing right. That’s how you should be.

00:18:08,292 –> 00:18:09,362

00:18:09,362 –> 00:18:16,577
cehoktvlēcat os. Cvkihocet owemvts. Hvtą cvcutkosof, nak-hompetv hayv tis,
have gotten older. That’s what they used to tell me. When I was little, the cook,

00:18:16,577 –> 00:18:24,164
cvpuse tatē vm vhayetvt os, gravy tis vhayet
or my grandmother used to teach me, even gravy,

00:18:24,164 –> 00:18:26,952
vhuerit owemvts.
and I would get up and do it.

00:18:26,952 –> 00:18:29,010

00:18:29,010 –> 00:18:37,680
tvlak-cate tis, mowe noricetv nak-stowusis este ennorihcet. Cencukoperihocen owat
how to cook red beans, cook whatever for people. When they visit your house,

00:18:37,680 –> 00:18:45,295
mowis stem pohanetskat tvlkēs. “Hompehpetskv? Hompetskekon owat hiyowen alihket, hompepvs!”
you should ask them, “Have you eaten? If you haven’t eaten, then have a seat and eat!”

00:18:45,295 –> 00:18:51,740
“Nak-hompetv ocit os,” mak. Hvtą vsse tis mowet
Tell them “I have food.” Or tea

00:18:51,740 –> 00:19:01,053
hvtą owv tis stem pohet, hiyowet, “Esketv ceyacv?” maket ont os. Cvkihocet owemvts. Hvtą accvke tis
or water, invite them like this, “Do you want something to drink?” That’s what I was told.

00:19:01,053 –> 00:19:05,451
hvtą okkosetv tis- hvtą vhoretv tis-
And wash your clothes or sew.

00:19:05,451 –> 00:19:11,845
hvtą nak-lokcickv tis nak-omvlkvn stowis
You should learn to cook things that you’ve grown

00:19:11,845 –> 00:19:16,488
nak-noricetv tis kerrvhanetskat o hoktēt onccekv.
and everything. You’re a woman now.

00:19:16,488 –> 00:19:18,380

00:19:18,380 –> 00:19:19,999
’Puetake ocetsken owat
If you have children,

00:19:19,999 –> 00:19:26,962
mvn hompicvhanetsken mvn nak-omvlkvn kerrvhanatskat mont on cem onayet owis hiyowe cem vhayet owis, cvkihocen.
you have to feed them, you should know all about these things. That’s why I keep telling you. That’s what I was told.

00:19:26,962 –> 00:19:30,516
Hvtą cvcertake tis fettv vtotkat,
When my brothers were working outside,

00:19:30,516 –> 00:19:35,675
hvtą nak mvhericetvt tis hvtą fayetv tis mvhahoyet owen.
they were taught to fix things and to hunt.

00:19:35,675 –> 00:19:40,432
Mvo fayetv vneu cvpuca tatē mvn ’stvpaket.
To hunt, I used to join my late grandfather

00:19:40,432 –> 00:19:44,455
O, fayetskemvte? Ehe, eron. Eccv ocēt?
Oh, did you hunt?! Yes, squirrel. Did you have a gun?

00:19:44,455 –> 00:19:46,783
O vntat eccv encvpenkvlēt os.
Oh, myself, I am scared of guns.

00:19:46,783 –> 00:19:55,235
Ero rahetskemvte? Ē mosolet ont. Ero tv? Rahetskemvte? Sulkēn rahet “Nak stowen mowe elekot tayet owa?”
Did you shoot a squirrel? I had my eyes closed. How about the squirrel? Did you shoot it? I shot it a lot of times. “Why doesn’t it die?”

00:19:55,235 –> 00:20:01,502
mvn kicen cvpuce, cvpuca em vpohin.
I asked my grandpa.

00:20:01,502 –> 00:20:07,031
Ekv enrvheccekot mont os. Cvkihocen… efēke tis.
“You didn’t shoot him in his head.” That’s what he told me. Or his heart.

00:20:07,031 –> 00:20:14,052
Seccetv kvwahpet eccv mv ero eccat alvtiken.
I lifted my gun and shot the squirrel, and it fell.

00:20:14,052 –> 00:20:22,238
Eccetv sulken ofv ocet on yv tat homipēskos. O-ue! Yvmahkuetsken cvto vtehkēpen.
There were too many buckshots in the squirrel. We couldn’t eat it. Oowe! You wasted it because it had all the metal in it.

00:20:22,238 –> 00:20:25,902
Rē vtehkēpen, rē wokucke, rē wokucke.
There were bullets in it. Scattered bullets. Scattered bullets in it.

00:20:25,902 –> 00:20:35,413
Sulkēn vpaken vcvpelicēpemvts. Puntat fayēko tayet pum etektvnēcekot owemvts, cvrke.
There were so many bullets in it, that he laughed at me. We could not hunt, my dad wouldn’t let us.

00:20:35,413 –> 00:20:36,812

00:20:36,812 –> 00:20:43,194
Nak stowen owēpvt os. Puncaketv senhoyanat tawvt. Owis cepucat cecak-vrēpen owēmvte?
I don’t know why. He probably cared a lot about us. But your grandpa was with you? M-hm.

00:20:43,194 –> 00:20:51,377
Hvtą nak rvro tis hvtą nak atvmo tis svtotketv
Things like fishing, cars, and tools,

00:20:51,377 –> 00:20:57,078
vm vhayetvt os. Hvtą sencvllv tis
he would teach me about. When a tire becomes

00:20:57,078 –> 00:21:01,463
tvpekse haken owat hiyowen vyoposecetv
flat, this is the way that you have to change it.

00:21:01,463 –> 00:21:11,376
cesetv ont os, mahoken. Nak omv̨lkvn vm onahoyet on hiyowēn nak kerrvhanccat. Kerrekot takhueret
That’s what he told me. Everything he told me, that’s what you need to know now. Don’t be standing there like you don’t know,

00:21:11,376 –> 00:21:20,473
este hopoye onkot. Ē-vnickvt mont on. Cem onayet owis. Cvkihocemvts. Hvtą vrvhanvkatt os. Pukihǫcen mvn.
looking for somebody else. You have to be strong. I’ve told you these things. That’s what I was told. I’m not always going to be around. That’s what he told me.

00:21:20,473 –> 00:21:23,799
Centvlkuset nake tis cenyekcēn owat,
When you’re by yourself and things get hard for you,

00:21:23,799 –> 00:21:31,016
cem onayate mvn kērret owvhanetskes pukicet sepoyekcihǫcet ont owemvts.
all the things that I’ve told you, that’s what you have to know. He always emphasized that.

00:21:31,016 –> 00:21:39,640
Hvtą nak stowvhanes stekihcen owat
When he said we were going to do things,

00:21:39,640 –> 00:21:43,002
mowvhanetskat tvlkēs.
that’s what you have to do.

00:21:43,002 –> 00:21:48,295
Este hiyowe laksetvt ont os. Lakset arēt ont os. Stekihocvhanekat.
Now, people lie. Don’t go around lying. That’s what they told us.

00:21:48,295 –> 00:21:54,919
Hiyowe rorahēs maketsken owat mvn roret este ’mvnicet owvccvs stekihocet owemvts.
When you say you’re going to be somewhere, you should be there and help people. That’s what they told us.

00:21:54,919 –> 00:22:01,374
Puetake tis hiyowe vpēyvkvhēs
Now, people tell their children that they’re going to go

00:22:01,374 –> 00:22:11,365
stvmimvn vyetv ceyacen owat. Hvse vkērkv mv rorofvn, seceyahēs mvn mahken. Mvn mowen stekicetsken owat,
wherever they want to go. When the time comes, you tell them that you are going to take them. And when you say that to someone

00:22:11,365 –> 00:22:19,678
puetake svyetvt ont os. Wikekot. Mahoket owemvts. Efuce tis ocit onkv,
you have to take them. Don’t leave them. That’s what they used to tell me. I have a little dog,

00:22:19,678 –> 00:22:24,667
rvlakvyof, yvkvpvkvhēs kicen, hiyowe vcvkvtēcet hueren.
and when I come home, he looks at me and watches me like he’s telling me to take him for a walk.

00:22:24,667 –> 00:22:33,701
Rvlakin owat vhvoke rohret hiyowen cvhę̄cet cem ehakvyiskv hiyowen “Vhoyvkets!” cvkice owet. M-hm, puetake matvpomusēt owvkeko!
When I come back, he’s standing right by the door looking at me. Like he’s telling me he’s been waiting on me. He’s saying “Let’s go!” That’s exactly how children are!

00:22:33,701 –> 00:22:39,687
Em vkvsamaken owat fullvhanet os kicet eskerkēt
When you have promised them that you are going to take them to a special place,

00:22:39,687 –> 00:22:49,328
kicetsken owat. Stemen honrvkēt tehecąket oketv oren owat afvcketv owat. Mvn
when the time comes, they have hope, knowing that it’s time, and they’re happy.

00:22:49,328 –> 00:22:57,687
tencuko hvmēcvlke kicakhoyat vtēhkat mowe nak tis fullaken owat temafvckvket tenrvpvkekot
In our family, when we tell them when we’re going to go somewhere, we are happy, and we’re not upset with one another.

00:22:57,687 –> 00:23:02,952
owaket ’culaket owet onkv, mvrahkv owen oket os.
When they grow old, that’s what she’s talking about.

00:23:02,952 –> 00:23:08,481
Hiyowe mvnnetvlke
Now, young people,

00:23:08,481 –> 00:23:13,621
hiyowe fullatskat hiyowe mapohicet.
those that are still here, this is how you should listen.

00:23:13,621 –> 00:23:14,905

00:23:14,905 –> 00:23:16,603
cepuse tis,
your grandma,

00:23:16,603 –> 00:23:25,163
cem mamuce tis, hvtą cecke tis, cerke tis, cepvwv tis, cepuca tis, mowe nak cekicakat
your aunt, your mom, your dad, your uncle, your grandpa, whatever they tell you,

00:23:25,163 –> 00:23:33,611
mvn mapohicet fullvhanatsket os. Mowen hiyowat nettv tat este ē vhomecvke owēt
you should listen. Wherever you are. These days, people are mad at one another.

00:23:33,611 –> 00:23:40,913
fullakat herekot os. Este omvlkvn vnokēcet, em vnicet fullvhanatsket os.
You should love everyone, and help each other as you go about.

00:23:40,913 –> 00:23:47,921
Hiyowe cenwikit os. Semenolvlke tat hofvnvtē
This is what I’m leaving with you. A long time ago, when Seminoles,

00:23:47,921 –> 00:23:54,195
hvte Oklahoma vwikat
hadn’t come to Oklahoma yet,

00:23:54,195 –> 00:23:59,994
etewolēn vpokvtēt owvtēs. Nak lokcicat tis
they lived in their own nations. They grew gardens,

00:23:59,994 –> 00:24:09,632
este ēmet, hvtą este omvlkvn vkerricet hompickv mowet tem vtotket fullakvtēt owvtēs.
they gave it to people, and they thought everyone. They fed them. That’s how we worked together. That’s how we were.

00:24:09,632 –> 00:24:14,972
Mvo, cvcutkusof punahvnke
Also, when I was little, our family

00:24:14,972 –> 00:24:21,067
rvro mvn aswikakat sfullaken
would go fishing, and we would catch fish.

00:24:21,067 –> 00:24:27,398
hiyowe sulken rvro ocēt os. Cekerricēt hiyowe cemetv
When we caught a lot of fish, we would tell our relatives that we were thinking of them,

00:24:27,398 –> 00:24:30,049
ceyacet fullet owēs mahoken.
and wanted to give them some. That’s what was said.

00:24:30,049 –> 00:24:33,566
Cvpuse tatē rvro tis emhoyet owemvts.
My grandmother was given some fish,

00:24:33,566 –> 00:24:35,822
Mowe mvo nak,
and we

00:24:35,822 –> 00:24:44,736
nak lokcicat hiyowe nak ocit os. Cēmeu svyepvs kicen hiyowen este fullaket owemvts. Hiyowat tat este
grew a garden, and we had things. She would tell the people that would come to us, that they could take some. Now people

00:24:44,736 –> 00:24:46,420
don’t even visit each other.

00:24:46,420 –> 00:24:55,115
Hvse vkērkv ocvkekot este herekont ont os. Tencukopericet tenponahoyet
When people don’t have the time, that’s not good. Visit one another. Talk to each other.

00:24:55,115 –> 00:24:58,718
puetake tis nak,
Even children!

00:24:58,718 –> 00:25:05,328
nak sakkopvnkv, sopunvkuce, sakkopvnkv ocat mvtę̄kusen hecaket fullaket ont os.
When they have toys and phones, that’s what they play with and that’s all I see.

00:25:05,328 –> 00:25:10,513
Hiyowe este enpunvyetv kerrvkvhanat
This is the way you talk to people. That’s how they should learn.

00:25:10,513 –> 00:25:16,913
cvyayihcet hiyowat hiyowen hompetv
They should be quiet when we are going to eat,

00:25:16,913 –> 00:25:22,492
hompvkvhanat hiyowen yv ofv homipeyat,
and when we get through eating inside,

00:25:22,492 –> 00:25:31,439
homipvken hiyowen nak punvyeckv ocvket os. Mvn maket hopuetake
while we’re talking, we have things to talk about. That’s what you should tell your children.

00:25:31,439 –> 00:25:38,130
punvyaken owat nak sem vpohet punvyaken vyvhanet ont os.
When they are talking, we ask them questions, and they tell us things. That’s how we should be.

00:25:38,130 –> 00:25:44,714
Ohhompetv vhvpoket makat cvcket estofis hvtą cvrke mvo
My mom and dad used to tell us that we should always sit at the table together.

00:25:44,714 –> 00:25:52,657
yafke vtēkusen owes estowis. Mvo vtotkēpet onkv, ohwen hvtą mvhakv cukon vpēyēkv,
Even in the evening. It would be fine. Because my dad worked and we all went to school,

00:25:52,657 –> 00:25:58,783
cvcket mvt yafke hompetv vtę̄kusen hvtą retohkvlket owekv,
my mom would tell us that the only time we all gathered together was the evening meal.

00:25:58,783 –> 00:26:06,066
ohhompetv vtę̄kusis etem vhvpoket tenpunahoyet estowet fullatskat etenpunahoyvkēts pukihocen
We can sit at the table together, talk together, and talk about how the day went. They would tell us, “Let’s talk.”

00:26:06,066 –> 00:26:11,738
hvt̨a toh-onvyetvn svpoket owemvts. Cvcertaket on hvtą vnet on
And we would sit there and tell on each other. My brothers and I,

00:26:11,738 –> 00:26:13,146
cvcusucvlke mvt
my younger sisters, they

00:26:13,146 –> 00:26:22,927
cvnafket os kicen onkat nak stont mowvhanekate vnak- sē-vtotketv owat icem vsosat os kicet.
would say that we were hitting them, or that they were doing things that they shouldn’t have been doing. I used to tell my dad that one of my siblings had bothered his tools.

00:26:22,927 –> 00:26:25,054
Toh-onayet svpoket owemvtat.
We just sat there and told on each other.

00:26:25,054 –> 00:26:36,327
Cvrket mvt ē puhvnhicet pum vsēhen mowet vpokēt yafkat hompetv owisen tenherkvntot mowat wikvccvs pukihocen.
Our dad would get after us and discipline us. That’s how we ate dinner. We would make peace with one another and he would tell us to stop being like that. That’s what he would tell us.

00:26:36,327 –> 00:26:44,747
Mamv mvo mapohicet owvkvccvs pukihocen setohyekcicekepētok enrvpoteceko tayet owemvts.
And mama too, she would tell us that we need to listen. They were in on it together, and we couldn’t ever get through them.

00:26:44,747 –> 00:26:49,011
Mowen owat hę̄rat pum akrokafet poyvhanekv.
When we did do things, we knew that we would all get spankings.

00:26:49,011 –> 00:26:56,383
Pukerrvkē owēt puculaket owemvtes. Mv mowēt owvtet. Ohhompetv vliket hompę̄t.
We learned to mind. That’s how we grew up. That’s how we lived. To sit at the table and eat.

00:26:56,383 –> 00:27:02,893
Hvtą vculakat ē-oh-onvyaket vpelhoyet
When we grew up, we would tell on each other about what they did, and we would laugh at each other,

00:27:02,893 –> 00:27:07,097
hērat mvn fullę̄pvket owemvtat. Hiyowat
and that’s how we used to be. Now,

00:27:07,097 –> 00:27:15,805
este fullakat ocēskot os. Este hvtke punvkv mowet punvkv mowen
we don’t have those kind of people. We speak English,

00:27:15,805 –> 00:27:17,172

00:27:17,172 –> 00:27:18,490
punpunvkv mvn
and trying to speak English, we would laugh.

00:27:18,490 –> 00:27:23,011
spunayet vpeliceyof hvtą este hvtke punvkv hvtą–
We would speak our language and laugh, and then when someone would speak English, we’d be like

00:27:23,011 –> 00:27:29,014
nake te? Mv min enhonret punvyēpof,
“What is that?” When they would speak English,

00:27:29,014 –> 00:27:34,290
setencvpakkaket. Mowis mowen
we would get mad at them. But

00:27:34,290 –> 00:27:39,491
este hvtke em punvkvt on owat vpelicēsko tayet. Hiyowen,
when we speak English, we don’t laugh together. Now,

00:27:39,491 –> 00:27:42,582
nak stowen mvn vpelicet ont owa?
why do we laugh at them?

00:27:42,582 –> 00:27:51,611
Kerraks kowet. Este stehecaket. Este cate punvkvt mvn omvlkvt ont os.
I don’t know. When we see people, our language is everything to us.

00:27:51,611 –> 00:27:52,776
When we do talk,

00:27:52,776 –> 00:28:01,434
este na ofv stenpoyvfekcv owet ont os. Mowet punpunvkv
it’s the soul in our bodies. That’s our language,

00:28:01,434 –> 00:28:07,559
putvlwv tis Semenolvlke tis oweyat. Hiyowe
our nation, we Seminole people. Now,

00:28:07,559 –> 00:28:14,238
punayet fullvhanvkat os. Mahoket owemvts. Punpunvkv sepekot hakēpen owat,
we should talk as we go about. That’s what they used to tell me. If our language disappears,

00:28:14,238 –> 00:28:19,677
stowe fullvkvhē te? Hvtą Hesaketvmesē scenpohhe witēs.
then what will we do? God might ask you,

00:28:19,677 –> 00:28:26,792
Punvyetv cēmit owet ont owat nak stowen vcayēcekot mvn hiyowat
“I gave you your language, why didn’t you protect and keep it?

00:28:26,792 –> 00:28:34,672
cvhomv hueret onccv? Este hvtke punvkv tvlkusēn punayet stekihoce tayet owes. Mahoket owemvts.
Why are you standing in front of me speaking English?” He could possibly ask us that. That’s what they used to tell me.

00:28:34,672 –> 00:28:45,271
Hiyowe mvhakv cuko puetakuce nak punvkv mvhayatskat hę̄ret os.
Now, the way you all are teaching the language to the children at the school, that is really good.

00:28:45,271 –> 00:28:52,858
Cēmeu punvkv mucvse tis hayet svpēyatskat hę̄ret os.
You too, the new words and language that you are making and going forward with, that’s really good.

00:28:52,858 –> 00:28:58,162
Este omv̨lkvt hēret os, mowe esfullakat.
All of you, the way that things are being done, it is very good!

00:28:58,162 –> 00:29:04,745
’Mvnicvhēs maket fullvke tayat sepvkekot ont on, hiyowen.
You should say, “I will help them!” But no one is saying that now.

00:29:04,745 –> 00:29:13,907
Omvlkvt ont owat mēkusvpkv tis Hesaketvmesē em punvyakat
That’s all the language is, when people speak to God in prayer,

00:29:13,907 –> 00:29:19,932
stefēke ofvn vpvkēn senpunayvkēt ont on.
they speak from the heart.

00:29:19,932 –> 00:29:29,260
Este cate punvkv punvyakat cewikvkit os ē cenyekcēt fullaken owes towis.
Those who speak Native languages, this is the word I leave with you. Even though it may be difficult,

00:29:29,260 –> 00:29:34,753
Ē momis komet vpēyatskvhēs hiyowen.
I will strive, and I will do it. Now, that’s how I want you all to be.

00:29:34,753 –> 00:29:44,752
Mvto. Mvhenwvt os. Mvto. Punvkv hervke pum onayetskat. Enka.
It’s true. Thank you! You’ve given us good advice. Okay.

00:29:44,752 –> 00:29:46,054

00:29:46,054 –> 00:29:47,055

00:29:47,055 –> 00:29:48,056

00:29:48,056 –> 00:29:49,758

00:29:49,758 –> 00:29:58,415

00:29:58,415 –> 00:30:06,923

00:30:06,923 –> 00:30:11,997

00:30:11,997 –> 00:30:20,207

00:30:20,207 –> 00:30:26,091